My Battle Plan for the Spring 2009 Season

It’s nothing.  I don’t have a battle plan.

But what I do have is something kind of like an excuse for a battle plan…

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My Sleep Routine

I’m not joking, it’s just like this.

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Asu no Yoichi 12: Final Verdict on Asu no Yoichi

Well, I haven’t been exactly blogging this series, but here’s my views on the last episode and the anime in general anyway.

Also, CLANNAD’s Final Verdict is still pending (it’s a lot harder to type up than this, so I present to you this junkpost for the time being).

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Well said, Najimi, well said.

So basically, an anime with a crappy story, crap art, crap animation, and nothing but an intriguing premise is going to be given an OVA.

What in the name of Chuck Norris is wrong with this picture?

I’ve heard that Japanese otaku hated Akikan!, so I wonder why an OVA is going to be made…



You know, usually I'd say this is wrong, but there's no way I can deny it in Akikan!'s case...

The Anime Eyebrow

I spent wasted a lot of time on this thing, so appreciate it!

So after putting up the last post, I realized… “Hey, what’s up with anime eyebrows?” And thus this post was born.  [I’m saying that a lot, huh?]

NOTE: Don’t worry, I watched Clannad ~AS~ 24, but I’m just too lazy to put up my opinions on the series as a whole right now.  I’ll do it on Monday, most likely.

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